top 26 favorite letters

1. l
2. s
3. r
4. j
5. c
6. q
7. d
8. a
9. h
10. b
11. e
12. y
13. t
14. m
15. f
16. n
17. i
18. u
19. v
20. o
21. g
22. k
23. p
24. x
25. w
26. z

z sucks. you'll always be last z

just a little guy

just saw the glory of christmas. here are some things everyone should know

1. keep an eye out for that one rebellious horse that always poops on the way up
2. there is an animal that follows the baby camel that isnt real. it looks like a llama, but its a baby with poodle-esk fluffy hair. i'm calling it a "lloople" until someone proves to me its a real creature
3. a joseph look-alike is the one that scoots around the stage picking up the animal droppings. give him a thumbs up if you can, he has a tough role and needs our support
4. 50% of the people in this world will be terrified of the angels that fly above your head. i am one of those people. so heres a clue, if people start looking up, immediately scroll through the pictures on your cell phone. when you hear the song end, its safe to start paying attention again
5. that one song after "mary did you know" is sung by; a boy or a girl? good freakin luck
6. someone always trips. make a game of trying to guess who it'll be
7. if your a man and haven't seen it, and are about to, be forewarned - there is a butt load of ballet. keep reminding yourself of your unchallenged manhood and heterosexuality
8. it isnt over when Jesus is born. that happens like 4 and 1/2 seconds in so don't get up to leave. that old lady manning the isles will rip your eyes out
9. the kings are followed by a bunch of people carrying the most random assortment of crap. don't waste your time trying to make sense of it
10. make sure to have your camera with you after the whole thing is done, because you can get your picture taken with the roman soldiers

hey secret santa, here you go

this is my christmas list for my secret santa
if anyone thinks i want/need something else, you let me know

pedro the lion - control
pedro the lion - achilles heel
matchbox twenty - exile on mainstream
sigur ros - hvarf heim

ugraded memory card for that camera mom and bill might get me

3d doritos cooler ranch

any ideas anyone?

i'm just sayin, it evens out

and this is what i had for breakfast this morning

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

so what have you had this morning

God, its me, janet

sometimes when i walk into people's houses at work, i get to experience true 80's/early 90's photography at its best by simply looking on the walls. you know this era by the simple fact that hair takes up over 60% of the picture
secret message - click all my pictures for stuff!

we were working at this one house, and every time i walked into the room where the customer was, he would sigh. like a "i cant believe how much these guys are charging me and i'm so exhausted from working all day and i cant believe they're taking so much time i hope he notices this" sigh. i noticed this early and tested it constantly, and without fail it would happen. so one time i walked into the room realllll quiet and he didnt hear me coming, and i started working on something and he turned, saw me, and sighed. i'm on to your game sigh guy

church donut people, please dont judge me. these other two are friends. and i know i dropped that glaze, but havent you ever heard of the five second rule? and besides, like i said, its for a friend

ok fancy pants. your car changes color as you drive by because of some special paint. big deal. you picked the ugliest colors ever. purple and green? seriously? gross

you still suck at guitar no matter how good you are at a video game

every time i walk through home depot i say to myself over and over "i could need that"

i love that my mom still says "holy smokes!"

my mom wanted to look at christmas lights so we all got in the car and started driving. my mom took us to TBN then straight home after

someone was bugging me one day, and i was going to say "hey your driving me crazy". but then i realized thats a little extreme so i said "you drive me frustrated"

when my car is covered in mud from off roading, i automatically assume everyone on the road is jealous. i even give people a look back that pretty much says "you should've been there"