lets do this

i was working around the house today and i smelled a fire. i walked outside and santi could smell it, along with sam and jesse. the people here could not smell the fire. i realized californians have a 6th sense for when there's a fire

i helped cook dinner the other night again. i made chicken, well i didn't make chicken. there are so many fried chicken places around here, and every single one of them looks so good. kabab places look freakin delicious to. they have a giant rotating slab of meat that they carve off of for the meat, and i asked what kind of meat it is. the guy said "it has some lamb in it" and he stopped talking. i asked what else might be in it, but he just stared at me. it tasted pretty good

i saw 2 dudes doing wheelies on vespas the other day. i couldn't help but yell, i was so stoked. what else did i yell out of joy in the past few days?
1. getting ice cream things at the store that were sooo good
2. walking outside today and not having to wear jackets
3. hearing the ice cream truck drive by, me and sam yelling out of our bedroom window
4. finally having clean clothes again
5. finding out my mom might be sending me pringles today
6. i don't have to cook dinner tonight, first time in days
7. being comfortable on my bed
8. i still laugh when i look at that last post i did

taste of london night life

santi snoring sounds like a kitten. so here are a bunch of kittens

the kids have school uniforms

today, an old man was sitting next to us on the tube, smelled pretty foul actually, and he looked familiar. sure he was wearing gray sweatpants, and about 16 different types of various jackets, and a green beanie, but when he spoke i realized. the guy was where the lucky charms leprechaun would end up and act like when he's retired, drunk, and hates the kids that sit next to him on the tube

i knew i recognized him

alright here we really go

this how my day really was

freakin get on the tube to find my old friend josh's church. all i knew was the address. 1a kennington road. and it was a coffee shop at a church. no big deal right?

first of all, there are 4-5 different types of kennington road. ex - kennington, kennington road, kennington drive, kennington avenue, kennington circle. plus the fact that there is a kensington road very close to kennington road. so thanks london

me and sam walking around. but i have my turtle neck so i'm fine. but i look up
its going to rain

so we're trying to find this place, and we are literally taking the tube, looking at maps, and walking around for about an hour before it just starts pouring rain. so we're lost, and now its even hailing. we are laughing, because it's funny, but what the heck london.

then a cop drives by and hits a puddle and drenches us in puddle water, as it's hailing. thanks london

more on this day tomorrow. my room mates are pissed that i'm still up typing and it's 3 am here

later pollos

about to sleep

walked around london today. realized something; its not cold enough to wear 2 jackets, but it is cold enough to regret not wearing 2 jackets

went to an art museum. my favorite part was walking up to a couch almost full of people and asking if that seat is taken. then just passing out for half an hour. woke up to sam santi and jesse being jealous. yea, i come up with the good ideas

"ew luke, dont wear a turtle neck, its not even that cold out"
fine i wont
*brain says* - what are you thinking, its going to be freezing. put that thing on now
no its fine, it wont be that cold
*legs say* - yea no big deal
*chest says* - we dont need a turtle neck. this deep v will do just fine
yea brain, geez

----6 hours later------

*chest says* - luke your an idiot
why is it so cold, blimey
*brain says* - yea! huh, well look what you did. turtle neck looks kind of cool now huh? idiot
*legs say* - man im so tired and cold and tired. go to that couch and rest, those people wont care
this v neck is really not warm at all
*brain says* - told you so told you so
*legs say* - what are you even doing in an art museum
art is stupid
*brain says* - your stupid
*shelby says* - your all stupid. wear more turtle necks

taste the semi-authenticity

i'm in london. weird

everyone smells fine getting on a 10 hour plane ride. about 6 hours into it, the odor gets a little out of hand. 9 hours into it, your sitting on the floor in the lavatory listening to your ipod shuffle until the stewardess asks for a second time if your ok

even in london, kids still watching pimp my ride. even in london, pimped cars look stupid

freakin drivers here are out of control. small roads, cars parked on both sides, i still haven't seen a speed limit sign. ballzy red coats

listening to your shuffle while sleeping is cool and all, till it lands on limp bizkit. then you jolt awake and freak out that nerdy british dude reading star wars across the aisle from you

my elbows aren't meant for the aisle seat, because the beverage cart isn't meant to avoid my elbows when i'm attempting to get some freakin sleep

no i don't like the movie "ps i love you". but it was either that or "i am legend" in french with chinese subtitles. thanks airfrance for the terrific movie selection

pringles have that amazing power to make you feel at home no matter where you go