in reference to my last post

i let the jeep sit for a day

went outside and it started right up like nothing ever happened

my jeep heals

like i said it would

hold on to your butts...


went off roading up saddleback mountain with
Tom and tom's new truck named taco
gabe and camera
andy and camera
Mark and marks truck and marks girlfriend (her names meagan(the GF))
Jeep and shelby and quad (yet to be named, any ideas?)

we found a little challenge (little but not that little) so i went up it
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its hard to tell, but i made it

then i decided to go down it to see how crazy it would be. 1-10 scale of insanity, what do you think?
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and i made it down

so we're comin down the mountain, i think mark missed this part because he had to go a little early, but i go up a side trail that led away from the regular trail. i realize suddenly that i dont want to be over here.

so i charge through the trees/bushes/rocks/wildlife to get back to the regular trail

everythings going fine until sam starts screaming. next second, jeep's front right tire falls in a 3 foot by 2 foot ravine, and my front bumber slams into the dirt side of the slope

and i'm stuck with a smashed front end
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some dudes stop and help us out by jacking up the front middle of the car, i dig out the wheel, and 5 guys jumped on the back rocking it up and down till my wheel got up and out of the ditch from hell and i got back on the road

minor casuality - my front bumper was wrecked so i decided to custom fabricate my 4bi into a mean looking SOB
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what do you think. better or worse?

all together a pretty extreme sunday afternoon

but my car isnt really running right now, so i have to go get it over to the mechanic.

dont worry, jeep will be fine. it's probably already fixed itself by the time i'm done posting this blog

snooze it or lose it

i use to sleep alot. now i dont. this has directly effected how unbelievably comfortable my bed is in the morning

i turn on the light to my room, turn off Amber the Gecko's light, take out the keys, wallet, cell phone, and whatever else that has found its way into my pockets, turn on the tv which already has jurassic park or Independence Day on a 24/7 loop, plug in the phone charger, turn on the fan, turn off my room light, 30 minute sleep mode on the tv, and go to sleep

i'm surprised that i've never had a dream about saving the world, fighting dinosaurs, or flying planes next to the president and will smith

i've woken up in the night trying to find my ringing phone. i find it on my bed and start talking, only to realize no one called, the phone never rang and i'm not even holding anything

i once thought a giant fat hamster was sitting in the chair in my room

i once thought there were cowboys digging for gold in the night in the atrium at my house, and one of them was holding a cup of coffee

i once thought a giant spider was eating my dresser (i know allison, spiders are scary)

i once thought a giant iguana was on my chest staring me in the eyes. but then i totally realized that was actually real (R.I.P. iggy)

animal names that i regret, here they are:
crazy legs

its about time i wrote about this

this is not normally (normandy, no brandy?) my writing style, but i felt this story needs to be told in written format (floor mat, from matt?)

here it goes

a while ago when i worked at the hotel, (i worked at a hotel, ask me about sweet hotels) i met this girl named miranda in the cafeteria. a cute girl, seemed pretty cool, i got her number to hang out sometime. (which btw is a huge deal for me because i can never do that)

so she quits the hotel the next day and i call her and we're like "yea lets hang out"

she lives in san clemente is where she lives

i go pick her up at like, 9, and had nothing planned. (i didnt see it as a date, and i never really like to plan things). she said she wanted to go see this one movie. i thought it was a good idea, why not you know (y not u no, y not uno?)

but we decided to walk along the pier first. we walk and talk, and walk back and she points out where she works now. its a bed and breakfast that her uncle owns. its right there on the pier pretty much

next thing i know, people are yelling. two of her aunts and uncles were up on the roof getting slammed/wasted/drunk/sloshed/trashed/demolished. lots of alchohol

2 hours later i find myself sitting at the tables with the family realizing i had been there for the most unbearably awkward 2 hours of my life.

examples of what was said by the aunts to make it awkward -
"yea we're having sex in a while"
"your boobs are hot"
"that hot tub has done wonders to our sex life"
"i can totally see yor *bleeep* "
"dont get wiskey *beeeep* before we get to bed"

yeaaaa....holy crap so awkward. but it gets better. i decided to just sum up the following conversation by just writing what was said. you'll catch on who was who

"so luke. what the hell were you thinking taking my niece to the movies on a first date"
"uhhhh, well she wanted to go see that one movie"
"you cant talk in a movie, you probably just wanted to hook up. its a first date moron"
"well, it's not really a-"
"men are such idiots. all they want is action on the first date"
"well, no. i mean, this wasnt-"
"what do you do anyway"
"i work at the hotel"
"for how long"
"like, 2 years now"
"do you think that jobs going anywhere"
"well, its just a temp job really"
"my husband buys houses all the time. we have alot of money in this family"
"you think you can actually provide for my niece with some dead end job?"
"what, wait hold on"
"if you touch my niece tonight i will rip your balls off"

and it went on like that for 2 more hours

talked to miranda once after that. lets just say it didnt work out

so i was at bj's with my family sunday night and she was sitting at the table across from us facing me

if you know me, you know i love awkward. but come on

catalina shmatalina

pizza's in the oven cooking. but i've got to wait. i'm waiting for something thats already here

i got a haircut yesterday that i really dont like. its ok, not horrible, but not at all what i wanted. its like i went to get a crazy pirate ship tattoo, and the dude drew a monkey. i can live with it, but come on

if html was on a license plate, i would think
1. hotmail
2. hot male
3. hate mail
4. hate males

fires are pretty sweet to look at, but thats the end of the line for enjoying fires. if they effect your life in any way, they suck

i'm an electricians assistant now during the week. its pretty cool. my mom is glad that i got the job, but wont let me get a motorcycle. says its to dangerous because of other people on the road. which it is. but around 600 people die a year from electrocution accidents on the job, with 3,600 disabling injuries and 4000 normal injuries. 2,284 people died in 98 from motorcycle accidents, half of them were drunk, another portion was speeding, and half of the deaths were simply because someone wasnt wearing a helmet

i dont know how to not get electrocuted, but i do know how to -
1. not be drunk
2. wear a helmet
3. not speed

now all i need to do is win an argument with my mom

i met someone from the band bad religion. i wasnt stoked about this really, kind of like "this guy is famous i guess". but i was way more stoked to just talk about lost with him for an hour. that just made me stoked about lost, not bad religion

i also met the tour manager for korn. he was swedish i think. small mouth, and couldnt understand anything he said. cool tattoos though. i can understand that

oh yea, and korn was practicing in the next room. they had an emergency delivery of energy drinks. dudes came running in and everything. i could imagine the order
"korn is low on energy, and are kinda thirsty. what do you have to offer"
and the dude recieving the call had the perfect solution
and was so stoked about it

A little about my family

i noticed yesterday that my family doesnt know one basic fundamental asset of having a conversation

*if you are not in the same room when conversing, raise your voice*

it seems that at least once a day, someone tries to spark conversation, but walks right on out of the room without changing the volume of their voice

or i will hear a "luke..asdhf....mumble mumble mumble" from down the hall when i'm in the garage, or in my room. somewhat frustrating

i'll be in the kitchen, my mom walks by in the hall - "hey luke, can you make sure to do this and ....." thats where she has entered her bedroom and closed the door. and still continues to speak as if i'm right there

i'm in my room watching a movie, katelin (one of my sisters) walks by "mumble mumble Luke mumble asdhnk". why did i not understand? because she had already gone in the garage and started talking to me

trivial, yes, but i feel like my household should have captions at all time. just how i like to watch my movies.

The Goodwill strikes again (i also learned how to do links)

Well today me, Jared Slaybaugh, and Brad Owens went to the Goodwill to pick up an ironing board. see image

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we started looking at movies and i came across a tasty treat

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in this goldie, i have found great morals and a host of cameos

if you ever watch lost, then you might recognize the dude that drives the limo in the beggining of the movie

you should check it out

to work or not to work at starbucks


should i try and get a job at starbucks

extra cash, and something to do during the week when school is done

a bunch of my friends work there already

if not there, then any other suggestions?

also, should i get a vespa

decisions decisions decisions