some of my thoughts about pigeons

first of all, i didn't know how hard it was to spell pigeon till i spent the past 5 minutes trying to figure that one out. i wonder if adam also got to choose how to spell the animals name. if so, what a jerk. llama? serious? come on adam

there are a few select pigeons out there that want to be vultures. you will typically see them away from the pack, up high, but not to high, looking down on you looking solemn. but in it's head, it is so stoked

pigeon by itself= sometimes cute, unscary
pigeon in swarm=freakin terrifying, hide

pigeons with one leg don't bob their heads like normal pigeons. but they will still poop on jesse's hat if they get a chance, which makes them as annoying as every other bird on the earth

manchester united vs chelsea

why have i not written anything in a while. good question. but here's a better question; how do you fix mac powerbooks for free

so here's my letter to my mac

dear powerboss, (that's his name)

we had a really good relationship, and i miss you. i miss being able to listen to my favorite matchbox twenty song while browsing the fantastically fast internet. your keys were comforting and i miss your garage band beats. they always seemed original and creative (even though every mac had them). remember that time i was writing a blog, and i accidently wrote "boobey force" and you pointed it out? we laughed and laughed, i was in tears, and you were rofl-ing. your suggested book marks were always a great help, and i felt like we learned something new about each other daily. we were doing good powerboss

than i woke up and your stupid screen is all stupid white and everything works but i can't see crap on your stupid screen you stupid computer stupid head.

RIP powerboss