statements that'll rock your world

the movie "thornbirds" is an overglamorized soap opera with a bad soundtrack

all green pants should be burned in another country, like alaska

if a little kid started making fun of me at the beach, i would not hesitate to spray sand directly into his evil little eyes. no matter the age

any cowboy who couldnt grow a mustach shouldnt be considered anything less then useless

i hope whoever wrote the evolution book i'm reading right now has gotten some kind of STD

after season 5, not a single show on television doesn't suck. ie gilmore girls

suck it ron howard

if a movie isnt good with the sound off, then your wasting time watching it with the sound on

at some point in my life, i want to see indiana jones box gary coleman

if a man hits a woman, he should be hung by his balls

giant bees are always terrifying

how to be a succesful musician

We were practicing today (summer wilshire) and we came up with a full proof plan to become rich.

we would make one CD and sell it for one billion dollars

then we would put it up on ebay

but we want to do it soon, so we gave ourselves 1 year to make it happen. but no one will pay a billion dollars for one CD. we know that. we're not stupid

but people will pay a dollar a song

so in one year we will put out a CD with one billion songs. in order to make this happen we decided to split up the work. each of us will write two hundred million songs this year.

but we have to pace ourselves so we dont get burned out. so i calculated it out that each of us have to write three hundred and eighty songs every minute for the next year

the beatles wrote about five hundred songs in their six year run. thats only 0.000159th of a song every minute. what kind of songwriter cant even put out over three hundred songs a minute. pffft

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my first song is going to be a rap/pop ballad about being poor in a semi-racial coastal village in new guena

No i dont want these earmuffs

i dont want these because i dont want to look like this ever in my life.
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if i die by electrocution i dont think i'd want some guy poking me with a giant candy cane
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listen to Terminal
listen to Courage Call
listen to Summer Wilshire
listen to The Recieving End Of Sirens
listen to Avner

i got a haircut by an angry asian lady who punished me for choosing a tuesday afternoon to want my hair back to normal

watch lost tonight and we're guaranteed to have something to talk about next time we speak

my phone is possesed by crappy reception demons but awesome camera angels

well, this is the new blog. get into it, and read some of this