the law of the mustache man

- mustache men are always polite to the ladies, and always hold doors open for them

- mustache men always love their moms and will never refuse to wear any sweater given to them by their mother

- mustache men have motorcycles, or aspire to get one

- mustache men always make clever points, but are never proud or boastful about such things. they'll only give a close lipped smile, turn the head slightly, and wink

- mustache men never get frustrated at television programs, they only make comments about the program using clever facts and proverbs. this usually involves pointing

- mustache men with accents are rare and always need to be valued in the mustache posse

- mustache men have all had their run ins with the law, but calmly avoid going into detail about such events

- mustache men never turn down an opportunity to dress like a gentleman

- mustache men wearing hats are required to tilt their head down to any lady present

- mustache men only cry when..... wait... mustache men never ever cry ever

- mustache men are natural gunslingers

secret stache

lost my glasses. first casualty of mustache week

it's not that i forget that i have a mustache, it's that i forget what i look like with one. every time i wake up and look in the mirror, it's a shock

at night outside, when it gets really really cold, phil (my mustache) gets really cold. it feels like little prickly spider fingers crawling into my mouth, which obviously is terrifying

when thinking of things to do with a mustache, you start realizing that there is an extremely thin line between doing manly mustache activities, and doing gay mustache activities. who woulda thought that walking around with suspenders, no shirt, a yellow hard hat and a giant wrench is gay if you have a mustache

inspiration for what i wore on sunday

mustache week has begun

josh treece and i have decided to dedicate this entire week to the mustache. this was not originally going to be a huge deal, we just wanted to have mustache's for a week. but as more and more men caught on to what was going to happen, some have decided to jump in and rock a mustache for a week.

there have been many posts already about this week and it only started sunday. it lasts till saturday, and on saturday i will be shaving the mustache off. hang with me and witness the new facial feature that i have spent the past month building. here are the links to the other blogs already written about this week.

mustache week official beginning blog

dave's testimony

cnn interview

i dont think i even know this guy

thor life?

i feel like there are more, but i don't have time to look at every single one. let me know if you see any

let the games begin. i'll be updating quite frequently this week on the various things i've been doing with my new stache

september 6th/7th never forget

on september 6th, i ate a fudgescicle in the shower

when eating a fudgescicle in the shower, you for some reason can't stop dancing. but it's not real dancing, it's like when a toddler dances. you just kinda move your hips and your legs don't do much and your arms do whatever they want

when i got out of the shower, i dried myself off with a "finding nemo" towel. i did this because - at the end of a race, you usually have friends or family giving you high fives and hugs. but in the bathroom thats totally awkward, so i have fictional disney characters to give me props when i ate the fudgescicle in the shower

on the day that i ate a fudsgescicle in the shower, for the first time in my life i felt it necessary to have a mustache comb

every time i see a girl reading, i now assume it's that twilight series. so far i've been 100% right

what spin do i have to put on the ball so i don't suck at ping pong

playing ping pong on top of a very steep hill seems like the worst idea ever

i want a bug zapper. but i also want a bug attracter so i have more bugs to zap

on the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower, i decided to make trombone players my #1 enemy #1

drummer playing at the wedding i mixed on the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower - was african american and was eating fried chicken (that he brought from home) during the wedding

the cd's in my 6 disc cd changer in my car the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower
1. random worship cd (couple crowder, some hillsong, some phil wickham, some summer wilshire....)
2. the lakes (good band, used to be watshi wa, played the last show at the vault RIP)
3. recording of worship from crave this week (not that good of a recording, future trash item)
4. mixed cd sam gave me (it's a very odd collection of songs, but totally good to rock out to)
5. the gallows (if your angry, if your driving fast or if your off roading, but this on)
6. ryan adams - heartbreaker (98% of the time, i'm listening to this. so 98% of the time, i couldn't care less that i have a 6 cd disc changer)

on the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower, i didn't sleep and ended up working super late, watching lost season one, and having to leave early in the morning to play at a church. so that morning i drank a red bull sugar free in the shower

on the day i drank a red bull sugar free in the shower, i went to el pollo loco and got a burrito. i think the girl behind the counter liked me because the burrito i got was bigger then chipotle sized burritos. it was unreal. i also got an arnold palmer which was fantastic

on the day i drank a red bull sugar free in the shower, i dressed up nice because i made a promise with a friend that we would dress up nice. but apparently that only applied to me. over dressing for church is always a weird experience

list of things i've accomplished in the shower
1. drank a cactus cooler
2. ate a bowl of watermelon
3. ate a fudgescicle
4. drank a red bull sugar free

that guy riding a motorcycle that gets a sunburn on his lower back because he's wearing a t-shirt that keeps flapping up

i now see jean purchases as investments in future shorts

i pride myself in how quiet i can run in dress shoes

the law of the local indie band:
1st - most important, look cool and dirty. ex- v neck's, tight jeans, long dirty hair, facial hair is absolutely necessary
2nd - don't smile. you smile and your out of the band
3rd - get some dudes (bonus if its coed) together and start writing songs. quantity of songs is important, remember that
4th - get instruments, but exclude random usually important ones to make it more indie ex - no drums or no bass or no guitar
5th - lastly and definitely of least importance, learn how to play your instrument

if i'm driving and i see a plastic bottle of any sort in the street, all other goals are temporarily suspended until i attempt to run it over. after the attempt, all normal actions are resumed

come on spa, really? 3 1/4 ft deep? no one is really counting, and no one can tell 3 inches. just put 3ish

my cupholders can't hold most cups because they are that awkward size thats just a little to small. but they hold pringle cans quite nice, so i'm totally fine with it

top three best things about vegas:
1. being able to talk on your cell phone and drive legally
2. spitting inside casinos
3. buffets where you can have pepperoni pizza, mashed potatoes, taquitos, sushi and giant crazy crab legs on the same plate

top three sucky things about vegas (also known as a blow up list)
1. 120 degree weather at midnight
2. disgusting slushi margaritas that are put in guitar hero controller shaped cups
3. getting stuck off roading when driving home in the 120 degree heat at noon in the middle of between-vegas-and-civilization road (also known as Zzyzx road)

thank you steve from franks tow service for pulling us out with your gmc american masterpiece of off road machinery

btw - steve of course has a crazy accent and a kickin stache