just a little guy

just saw the glory of christmas. here are some things everyone should know

1. keep an eye out for that one rebellious horse that always poops on the way up
2. there is an animal that follows the baby camel that isnt real. it looks like a llama, but its a baby with poodle-esk fluffy hair. i'm calling it a "lloople" until someone proves to me its a real creature
3. a joseph look-alike is the one that scoots around the stage picking up the animal droppings. give him a thumbs up if you can, he has a tough role and needs our support
4. 50% of the people in this world will be terrified of the angels that fly above your head. i am one of those people. so heres a clue, if people start looking up, immediately scroll through the pictures on your cell phone. when you hear the song end, its safe to start paying attention again
5. that one song after "mary did you know" is sung by; a boy or a girl? good freakin luck
6. someone always trips. make a game of trying to guess who it'll be
7. if your a man and haven't seen it, and are about to, be forewarned - there is a butt load of ballet. keep reminding yourself of your unchallenged manhood and heterosexuality
8. it isnt over when Jesus is born. that happens like 4 and 1/2 seconds in so don't get up to leave. that old lady manning the isles will rip your eyes out
9. the kings are followed by a bunch of people carrying the most random assortment of crap. don't waste your time trying to make sense of it
10. make sure to have your camera with you after the whole thing is done, because you can get your picture taken with the roman soldiers


David Hughes said...

I bet the roman soldiers get real cocky knowing they are in the Easter show as well...

Ange said...

The craziest part was when the camels were closing in around us, 19 angels were flying overhead, the big black guy was singing, the fire was going, and the sheep were bah-ing like crazy.

KAT said...

11. You know when the kings are arriving when you smell something dirty.You look over and see a hugh camel looking right at you!

Hooray for the camels!
watch out they spit!