manchester united vs chelsea

why have i not written anything in a while. good question. but here's a better question; how do you fix mac powerbooks for free

so here's my letter to my mac

dear powerboss, (that's his name)

we had a really good relationship, and i miss you. i miss being able to listen to my favorite matchbox twenty song while browsing the fantastically fast internet. your keys were comforting and i miss your garage band beats. they always seemed original and creative (even though every mac had them). remember that time i was writing a blog, and i accidently wrote "boobey force" and you pointed it out? we laughed and laughed, i was in tears, and you were rofl-ing. your suggested book marks were always a great help, and i felt like we learned something new about each other daily. we were doing good powerboss

than i woke up and your stupid screen is all stupid white and everything works but i can't see crap on your stupid screen you stupid computer stupid head.

RIP powerboss

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Alli Hibb said...

Wow...boobey force made me laugh...Sorry about the loss of can use mine this week.