yea yea yea!!! yeaaaa!! 7yyeaea

i needed inspiration for this blog so i freakin kicked on Audioslave. specifically the track gasoline. specifically freakin sweet. yeaaa!!!!

the theme is obviously burning gasoline with no actual metaphor behind it, which i identify with because i set ablaze billions of barrels of gas in my backyard as i dance with a giant can of cactus cooler that talks like fred savage

i dont like LA because i get lost easy there. if i am not automatically completed familiar with standard streets in a new area then i refuse to acclimate

i started a new job that rules. i install crazy stuff and make houses super sweet. the actual job description is; "go to people's houses and install crazy stuff and make their house super sweet, and don't forget to kick ass"

our insane beeper bird named pedro just received a big mirror from us, his (maybe her? freakin a-sexual birds) owners which means us. ever since then, it has made a weird noise as it stares into the mirror. i feel like it's trying to mate with the mirror, which means it's in love with the image which means it's in love with him/her/itself. which therefor means i have a homosexual, possibly a-sexual, and absolutely unknowingly conceited devil bird. freakin cocktails....cockatails....cockotails? freakin birds and their uncontrollable conceit

ehhhh gotta get in the shower
later pollos

-ellvis luke peter vincent saint hilaire of bel air lines

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