lets do this

i was working around the house today and i smelled a fire. i walked outside and santi could smell it, along with sam and jesse. the people here could not smell the fire. i realized californians have a 6th sense for when there's a fire

i helped cook dinner the other night again. i made chicken, well i didn't make chicken. there are so many fried chicken places around here, and every single one of them looks so good. kabab places look freakin delicious to. they have a giant rotating slab of meat that they carve off of for the meat, and i asked what kind of meat it is. the guy said "it has some lamb in it" and he stopped talking. i asked what else might be in it, but he just stared at me. it tasted pretty good

i saw 2 dudes doing wheelies on vespas the other day. i couldn't help but yell, i was so stoked. what else did i yell out of joy in the past few days?
1. getting ice cream things at the store that were sooo good
2. walking outside today and not having to wear jackets
3. hearing the ice cream truck drive by, me and sam yelling out of our bedroom window
4. finally having clean clothes again
5. finding out my mom might be sending me pringles today
6. i don't have to cook dinner tonight, first time in days
7. being comfortable on my bed
8. i still laugh when i look at that last post i did


Alli Hibb said...

"it has some lamb in it" is so gross...I can't believe you ate it anyway...sick.

oh, and I love the idea of you cheering for vespa-wheelies.

Ange said...

hahaha. this is so awesome. kabab trucks are great, just don't look at how they make stuff. and we're sending you pringles in the morning. yea!!!