i should've written this one sooner

so me and dillon were working at this house the other day. i was working in the living room, dillan was running all over the house doing random stuff, and the owners had left. i would've been totally alone if it wasn't for their unbelievably cute puppy named "bella"

no matter where i was working, the dog would come and sit next to me and fall asleep. not even watching me, just in my general area. i would move, and he (she maybe?) it would follow.

only problem is, every time it came over to sit down, it would fart. like huge smelling but totally quiet farts. they smelled so unbelievably bad, i just couldn't understand how a dog that small could create a stench that horrible. but he/she/it would just look up at me and wag his/her/its tail. so i couldn't be mad obviously

dilan never got to experience the terror of the bella gas

i would see him/her/it coming and start singing "under my smelly bella-ella--ella---a---a" and she/him/it would run to me. so freakin cute. so i took pictures of bella hanging out with me


yazz said...

a few things...
1) very very cute
2) why would a boy be named bella?
3) i wonder if this is how tom will respond to his wife when she farts for the first time in front of him... "aw she's wagging her tail and looking at me, i can't be mad, obviously"

those were the first three things that came to my mind. there you have it.

Bethany said...

4) I love that you spelled Dillon's name differently every time!

Mark Dodd said...

darn you, bethany!!! i wanted to say that. ok let's just pretend i didn't see your comment. ok, luke, i love how dillon's name is spelled differently every time.