30 second bloggggggin

whenever me and my sisters run out of toothpaste, we always go into our parents bedroom and take theirs. whenever they see it gone, they know to get some more. this still applies when we are moved out

war may not be the answer, but neither are negative bumper stickers and prius's

it kills me that mary kate and ashley olson sold over 800 thousand copies of this-brother for sale

i've been thinking of getting a turtle tattoo. nikki wants to call it a tat-turtle

i had wing stop for breakfast the other day. no regrets 08


bri brockman said...

i listened religiously to that mary-kate and ashley olson album. it came with the movie, which i also freakin love.

Chase said...

i've seen the mary kate and ashley olsen movies... and i think you should get a taturtle on your ankle.

Alli Hibb said...

If the album, like the brother, is only 50 cents, I too would make the purchase.