tell them that the house is not for sale because the furnace is broke

my mom has a group of santas in the dinning room. they are very skinny, wooden santas. she calls them "the lord of the santas" and laughs every time she says it. i love my mom

i could be 80 years old and still think hiccups and farts are hilarious

i was watching scrubs the other day and it made me wonder what my tough biker name would be. like dragon king, or hells boot, or chainsaw king. but i'd probably just end up being gecko slayer

when i'm driving home from work, i can't shake the feeling that i have tons and tons of groceries in my car

oh yea, if you didn't know already...

booooyah. i work at costco. and as a costco employee i get to realize things like;

most common combination of food is: bananas, nuts, and avocados
hello kitty boom boxes are this years "hot item" at costco
costco employees love the lottery
costco shoppers love their mustaches to the max


Ange said...

okay what's up with the groceries? Have you ever left groceries in your car? I don't understand.

And when mom read this she giggled.

Chase said...

okay... that employee id card is one of the better things i've seen in awhile.

Julie Hibbard said...

Thanks for the kind words! The camera is a Cannon powershot SD 630.
Seriously, it's a couple years old now, but takes amazing pictures. It's only 6.0 and the new ones are 10 I think!
I also process everything through iPhoto, so each picture looks pretty good!!
Thanks for the kind words!!