usually would twitter this stuff, but i need more space now

i went running the other night at the swamp of a creek by my house and got molested by thousands of mosquitoes. i had to run fast to keep them off me. it was like that movie crank only with bugs and no sex, drugs, car chase scenes, guns, or uninteresting dialogue

i have bug bites on my feet. i am content with having scars from scratching them because scratching feels so much better then telling myself i actually care about having scars on my feet

dominic feels the same way

i have never felt the need to argue with a movie more often then when i watch snakes on a plane

i'm playing in big church this weekend for the first time ever. i hope the camera guys that get all up in my business when i'm trying to play bass get some good camera angles, because i'm sure that i'll accidently elbow a fool in the eye by the end of the weekend. weigh out your options camera operator = bass player close up action shot vs. life long eye patch

note to everyone = honestly, i kinda want to see a camera guy with an eye patch. bring some flavor to the video team at saddleback church, they sure do need it

we walked up to play the first song for the 430 service (the first service of the weekend) and all i could think of was how many dirty words i could say out loud to the drummer before we started

7, by the way is the answer

there wasn't really a good dinner provided last night, but there were small bags of chips lying around. i now have 6 mini bags of cheetoes in the car, and 4 lays standards

i went to the court the other day to settle a ticket, and i had to see the judge. first time i'd actually seen someone get a ticket for smoking marijuana. also first time seeing them in front of a judge. also first time seeing 7 consecutive people seeing the judge for smoking marijuana. also first time seeing an old guy arguing with the judge about his marijuana ticket. however not the first time seeing a guy get a ticket for having no license or registration drive home from the court house. yay california

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