my brain has something to say. go get em

"how necessary is it for you to be talking on your blue tooth at loud and full voice while boarding the plane? none of us are happy about this" - i'm a telepathic ambassador for everyone's thoughts around me

"no no no no no, this doesn't make sense. this doesn't make sense at all! no! there are over 20 urinals, how could there be pee on the seat" - asked luke's brain

"no one likes a whistler" - luke's brain said as a man continued to whistle in the small office

every morning, i play solitaire on my phone. i figured that if i challenged my brain right when i woke up, it would "warm up" and my day could be more productive. for 2 months, i would play until i would win. this took very little time, in fact sometimes i would win 2 or 3 times a morning. those days were very productive. however, as of late, i have lost my skills. i have gone for a week without winning, and frustration is building. mainly because i end up late to wherever i'm going because i'm sitting in my room playing a video game in hopes it will make me smarter

i feel like you can tell many things about a person by how they organize their aces

every so often, i accidently draw more cards right when i saw where i could've have used the last card on the top. at these times, i let out a very audible "no!" and continue to justify why i didn't want that card anyway

i like to organize my kings when i get them. everything to the left. sure this makes me lose because my priorities change, but i'd rather lose knowing that my cards were organized like a professional. thats what really matters

"catch phrases are dumb" - luke's brain upon comparing the 2 phrases "i feel like a million bucks" and "sock it to me"

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