everything is ridiculous in texas

didn't realize till i was getting on the plane that my boss thought my middle name was tyler. i say it out loud and all i hear is "liv tyler". my brain wont accept that as my middle name

construction at the airport = me taking a 10 minute bus ride to my plane. it felt like the last scene in speed, and i loved it

i was in line at security check (where they xray your carry ons) and right as my bag got in, i hear someone yell "BOMB!!". it was weird because no one freaked, but every security person moved to a different position. i didn't flip out or anything, but my heart did actually stop working so he wouldn't be distracted and miss what was going on. turns out it was a drill. here's the deal. if i was a security guard and i have a gun, and someone yells bomb, i'm shooting everyone in that general direction. and i mean everyone

american airlines totally freaking sucks, but they have a totally kickass eagle as their logo

when i'm at an airport, i feel like everyone is always cutting in front of me, or attempting to cut in front of me. no matter where or what i'm doing. when i realized this, it became so apparent that i had to sit down and laugh my brains out, but some guy cut in front of me and took the seat

i just honestly feel like there are to many people working in all the wrong areas at airports. there were 3 clerks checking in 7 packed lines of anxious flyers, then i went to my gate and there were 6 people walking around picking up trash, with absolutely no trash in site. get more people doing actual necessary work, and less people doing absolutely nothing

i like to shoot people with smiles, see if i get any back. it's not a sudden thing, it's more like when i have some sort of interaction with someone. i'll wip out a big ol grin and see if they reciprocate. if they smile full blown, showing teeth, i call that a head shot. if they only grin, it's a body shot. if they don't do anything, it's a complete miss. i relate smiling with killing people. i'm ok with it

you know what, now that i think about it, every time i get on a bus, i think of the movie speed

with my middle name slip up, it got me thinking of what i could name my kid so his initials could make me laugh. i came up with these. feel free to add more
manuel esteban st. hilaire - MESH
pamela ortega st. hilaire - POSH
peter orion ryan st. hilaire - PORSH
samuel langford adams st. hilaire - SLASH
frederick ronald eugine st. hilaire - FRESH

as long as you get to the airport with plenty of time, plenty of energy, and a good attitude, traveling doesn't totally blow chunks


Alli Hibb said...

SLASH is my favorite...I would only call him slash.

Chase said...

Luke, your security check story is one of the better ones i've heard in a long time.
I wish i was there. I wish someone got shot. With your smile.

preferably me.

yazz said...

I just laughed a whole lot. Out loud. In my room by myself. A little girl that lives next door to me came up to me and said, YAZZ what is so funny? She'd never get it.

Cathi said...

Orion Ryan? Really?

KAT said...

F red
I ndigo
S t
H ilaire