No i dont want these earmuffs

i dont want these because i dont want to look like this ever in my life.
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if i die by electrocution i dont think i'd want some guy poking me with a giant candy cane
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listen to Terminal
listen to Courage Call
listen to Summer Wilshire
listen to The Recieving End Of Sirens
listen to Avner

i got a haircut by an angry asian lady who punished me for choosing a tuesday afternoon to want my hair back to normal

watch lost tonight and we're guaranteed to have something to talk about next time we speak

my phone is possesed by crappy reception demons but awesome camera angels


huhushanzhi said...
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Angerson said...

These are the people who probably own these earmuffs:
1. Steve Erkeal
2. PeeWee Hermann
3. Screech Powers
4. David Silver (90210)
5. Random sound tech's because THESE ARE HEADPHONES NOT EARMUFFS

Angerson said...

Just kidding, I think they're actually those sound proof headphones used at airports.

Brent said...

That was an awesomely random post. Thank you.