statements that'll rock your world

the movie "thornbirds" is an overglamorized soap opera with a bad soundtrack

all green pants should be burned in another country, like alaska

if a little kid started making fun of me at the beach, i would not hesitate to spray sand directly into his evil little eyes. no matter the age

any cowboy who couldnt grow a mustach shouldnt be considered anything less then useless

i hope whoever wrote the evolution book i'm reading right now has gotten some kind of STD

after season 5, not a single show on television doesn't suck. ie gilmore girls

suck it ron howard

if a movie isnt good with the sound off, then your wasting time watching it with the sound on

at some point in my life, i want to see indiana jones box gary coleman

if a man hits a woman, he should be hung by his balls

giant bees are always terrifying


Angerson said...

1. Thornbirds is actually an okay movie, with a bad soundtrack, and an amazing novel. The movie came second. I hope everyone knows that. The book was way way way better.
2. You own like 6 pairs of green pants.
3. Would you feel bad if the person who wrote your evolution book ACTUALLY got an STD?

Alanna Marie said...

Alaska is part of the US luke.