God gave me a birthday present

today, well actually yesterday, well actually today, God straight up gave me a birthday present

and i dont mean like, oh God gave us all a birthday present by dying on the cross, kind of present

for the past few days i've totally been stressing about money. i dont have any, and i need alot...like right now. lots of bills

before trying to go to bed saturday night (which proved unsuccesful because i didnt sleep a wink) i finally gave up and asked God to take care of it. i was tired of worrying about the money sitch

after a long night, sunday came with no money to my name, no soon to be arriving paychecks, an empty gas tank and a ton of stuff to do. so naturally, i put it on credit and just prayed that i get money before overdrafts

i'm up at 5, work till 12, go home and eat, leave at 1 and go pick up stuff for this show i was doing sound for at Biola, which i totally thought i was just doing a favor for someone(later found out i was getting paid). i get there and set up and do the show. then tear it all down. done at 1230, right into my 21st birthday. me and this dude chase celebrate

then the dude mitchel (got me to do this whole thing) walks up and gives me a check that covered my gas there and the overdraft fee

It was almost like i heard him laughing when i saw the check, and my jaw dropped

happy birthday to me


Brent said...


Brent said...

Happy Birthday!

Alli Hibb said...

God loves to give birthday gifts.

One time, he gave me a pony.

Hayden Copes said...

ok luke, remember that one time we played at that random church in like san clemente or something and you had no money and needed gas. and this old guy randomly came up to you and gave you twenty dollars. God is freakin legit.

david thomas said...

wow - sweet story!

this and the story hayden wrote, apparently you are hugely in Gods favour right now.