Telling it how it is it is

if i leave the sliding glass door open in my room, turtles sneak in

i have a gecko in my room and on my arm. they both have names. i name geckos

i take up as much of the intersection as possible when i make u-turns just so i know i'm right when someone gets mad at me. i'm making a u-turn, i can do whatever i freakin want

one of my teachers raises the pitch of his voice when he turns to the whiteboard. i think he means to get louder, but it doesnt really happen like that. since he moves so slow (i think its because he's focusing on his voice) its like some kind of vocal roller coaster

i dont find anything funny about lightbulbs. so why are there so many jokes about them

a man's in the market, a terrorist leaps over the aisle, lands in front of him, and yells "i'm attacking you". an eagle then soars down, grabs the terrorist and feeds him to her newborn babys. the end

my credit card has an eagle on it. no one's ever stolen it either. what does that tell you? eagles bite thieves and thieves hate justice

mouse pads. gross

punch punch kick kick punch punch kick punch
someone tell me honestly if they remember that game and no its not some fighting game

listen to the following bands:
spill canvas
as tall as lions
watashi wa
the owls

movies to watch:
the prestige
blood diamond
the departed
the great labowski

"pick your battles, not your nose. unless you really need to" - Luke St.Hilaire


David Hughes said...

haha...there's nothing you like more then being in charge in the drivers seat...


Huntington beach
Mexico (until you got ousted)


Courtney said...

Maybe my favorite post!