dreaming when i was napping

just wanted to explain this dream i just had really quick

so me and my family went to a gas station market that served ice cream when we were on vacation in the middle of the desert

i saw the ice cream part when i came in, and it was the a magnificant thing. i wanted ice cream so bad, but i had to go get some other things first

1. drill bits
2. an energy drink
3. shoes

then my family left but ange had gotten me some. it was a custom blend

i took a bite, and i swear this was the combination of taste

chocalate chip cookie dough (CCCD)
blue gushers

i was pissed, but satisfied. that just goes to show

1. dont trust sisters with ice cream
2. dont be distracted by more necessary purchases when ice cream is in the bicture
3. always have ice cream in the house in case you wake up from a dream with a creaving (dangn't)


Angerson said...

Thanks for the tip

david thomas said...

i love crazy dreams.

i think i'll blog about one of mine sometime - i have crazy ones.

the blue gusher bit was perfect.

oh - and you may have mis-spelled 'picture...' unless you are just a premium spuser [sputure-user]

big picture - perhaps?

Brent said...

Blue gusher ice cream sounds interesting.