sunkist during a wedding

this is my opinion, but i think i'm right so i'm going to go for it

1. children should not be brought to weddings
a. no reason for them to be there (they arent going to remember)
b. they always make noise (farts/burps/cries/laughs/giggles/yells/holla's)
c. they are always moving because they are never comfortable because they are always annoying

2. poems during weddings are NEVER GOOD NO MATTER WHO WROTE THEM
a. seriously, never meaningful because reading a poem is gay
b. listening to a poem sucks
c. poems are totally cheese

3. if you have your wedding outdoors, dont do it on 95 degree weather day
a. everyone hates sweating, so during your wedding everyone is just thinking "its so hot, this sucks" instead of "wow this is pretty emotional"
b. the sun is always somehow in everyones eyes
c. no one likes the sweaty pits

these things had to be said. but also these things

1. my mom was crying before she even got out of the car to walk up to the wedding
2. there were goats within a stones throw of my seat
3. i danced alot at the reception. this is a big deal.

making lists mean your right


David Hughes said...


I support all of this so very much.

babies suck.

they are like aliens without guns. how is that fun?

david thomas said...

haha i freakin love your blog.

when i clicked on your page and saw a new entry - i got pretty excited.

like birthday present unwrapping when you realize the gift is multiple layers thick.

also - great end note... true.

Angerson said...

Wow. you go to DC and all your write about is complaints about babies, sweaty armpits and mom crying.
How about all the good times? Can't you blog about that? Can't you make a list about that?!?!

Alli Hibb said...

I would agree with most of this...though I still would like to have babies...but maybe not at my wedding.

Brent said...

Well put.