i dont reveal much about myself in my posts

and thats not going to change anytime soon

to all you avid readers out there
and all those rappin mystery st. clair's
annd all the papers with all the letters
and the tapers of the cod of capers
listen to me as i lay it down once
caught in the heat that i cant make nice
when is the time, the right time the wrong time
shoot it in the air with a troll on a knoll
a grassy knoll of cotton candy and elephant hair

wistle me a tune as i ride down this caramel covered mountain
wistle me a tune topped with fudge and anecdotes
i'm leavin tonight with toby and cameran
so get the knees in the air this will be flav - a - full

rocky and bullwinkle fall from the sky
but this candy rock still forms in my heart
so what can the weatherman/woman tell me that i dont already know
life is good till i ignore it

peace to the middleman

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