i hope maple syrup coats your lungs

dear lady who called me boy in your mexican accent,

i am not a boy. i am a man. i am an electrician. i have a toolbelt.

just because you didnt know my name as i worked under the giant tv that you wouldnt let us move, you dont have to assume i am a young boy.

and yea, i had no idea what you meant when you said "tv ok?" remember when i asked you "what?" and "what do you mean?" and you just kept asking "tv ok?" and i was already working under the tv you wouldnt let us move. to be polite i simply said that it was ok, assuming you were asking if i wanted to move the tv.

but no. you just wanted to watch tv. and blast it. as it was inches over my head. it doesnt help to watch some annoying kids program as the tv is inches from my head and i have to concentrate on not getting electricuted

and besides, i know you speak somewhat good english and that you understand what i'm saying because i heard you talk to those other dudes that were working at the house. in fact, i heard you flirting with those same dudes. what the heck mexican lady. what the heck

seriously what the heck

dear lady, you suck. your rude, hope i never have to work for you ever again


KAT said...

seriously! seriously!

Courtney said...

please please please write more blogs like this. This is VERY funny!