why am i not in bed yet

because i said so

i went and saw "in the wild" tonight. i got home just now. decided to just say some things before i go to bed

i'm hungry. so hungry. and that movie made me really hungry. but i have work in the morning, and i like sleep just barely more than eating

my room mate is upstairs snoring his little brains out. yea i'm scared to go up

one time at about 2 in the morning i woke up to this sound. realized it was somewhere between a growl, a snore, and someone saying my name real slow. 2am, i dont remember that snoring exists, so i freak out. trying to figure out where someone is hiding in my room, and why they insist on saying my name over and over in that crazy deep voice. dont want to leave the safety of bed, but going insane with curiosity. i look over in the dark, and bud is sitting up looking around. he must of heard it too! bud!, i wisper, bud! what is that? no answer. i get up, kindof, more like crawled, and went over to bud. yea he's snoring. oh yea, its all making sense now. he snores. and thats not his head, its his shoulder and my imagination. pissed

tom snores too
and so does chase (roomate number 3)
our house is kindof loud at night

ladera likes to leave street lamps on at night. a soft amber nightlight that peaks through the shades. if i was a poet, this could be something good. tell you what, i'll haiku this. i can haiku like the best of em

me try to sleep now
streetlamps on in the night gabe
snoring is lame lame

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