well i'm back

i'm back
yes my writings have been on what could be called a "hiatis" if i could spell it right
its not a disease
it happens when stuff happens that doesnt give you time to write
heres reasons for my hiatis

girl trouble
roomate trouble
double bubble
new car trouble
money trouble
fire trouble
new computer
more girl trouble
creativity trouble
halo 3
comin down with the sickness

i apologizize to all of you and promise i will start this little addiction again
for now, here are some thoughts from today

saw 3 cops on the way home
saw 3 havent seen it yet, is it good?
saw 3 soon to be empty cans of mountain dew in the beer fridge

our beer fridge has had one beer in it since we got it, but always fully stocked with the freshest mountain dews money can buy

i'm sick of waiting for new lost

couragecall.com <----my buddy matt, go check it out. its a tasty little dish of new music

friend is a 4 letter word

bought that eminem cd, you know the one. "the eminem show". had it a long time ago. bought another one. apparantly i know every word for the first 4 songs. who knew

precision423 <-----screen name ooohhhh yeeeaaaa



Mark Dodd said...

glad to have you back sir.

Alli Hibb said...

welcome back...I've missed the gecko blogs...

Ange said...

Welcome home lukey....