allison tagged me

3 word answers only
i tag ange

1. Where is your cell phone? by my unmentionables
2. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend or Husband/Wife? dont know yet
3. Where is one of your parents? rocking lake forest
4. Cheesecake? if its free
5. Your favorite thing to do? rocking the bass
6. Your dream last night? a good one
7. Your favorite drink? duh mountain dew
8. The room you're in? outside on patio
9. George Bush? hes the president
10. What you're good at? wrecking my car
11. One of your wish list items? a standing ovation
12. Where did you grow up? down the street
13. The last thing you did? washed my bod
14. What are you wearing? typical luke fashion
15. What kind of car do you see yourself as? silver volvo wagon
16. Ketchup? in small portions
17. Your computer? on my lap
18. Your life? work in progress
19. Your mood? generally pretty mellow
20. Your next blog? wont be funny
21. Your car is? i like it
22. Your summer? was actually awesome
23. Your relationship status? work in progress
24. Your favorite color(s)? orange i guess
25. When is the last time you laughed? 5 min ago

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PIX updated.