not bitter towards couples, just no PDA around me today

from all the tv i watch, it seems that parachutes get people stuck in trees alot

frustration - high rise office building, glass windows. guy just finishes cleaning all the windows for the month. the feeling the guy in the one highest office feels when the bird flew by and pooed all over his window

i was at pavilions with my buddy johnny at work getting sushi for breakfast, and we were waiting in line when one of the employees bounced out from behind an aisle and said "no one waits at pavilions!" and led us to a checkout. cant stand that guy

i'm still debating whether or not to hunt down a pair of those glow light up shoes in a size 10 1/2

i'm not a hypocrite, i just change my opinion alot. it's america, i do what i want

i don't want to taste a rainbow, i just want those skittles. now

i took my stitches out last night. with my teeth. blindfolded. while installing a ceiling fan and fighting terrorists

seriously though, took them out last night. not even a big deal. i was actually going to pay someone to do it. pfff. no biggy. no biggy smalls

new found glory appreciation of hall and oats. listen to bitch girl, go here and you'll get an earfull of it

i made pancakes this morning. first pancake wasn't that good, second was great, 3rd 4th and 5th were great. gabe finished half of 5 and all of six. pancakes go great with a glass of milk and a fanta. orange of course. jeeze who do you think i am


Ange said...

I think the parachute thing is coming from you watching LOST too much. (Which is wonderful!)

Sushi for breakfast???

Alli Hibb said...

No Biggy Smalls is really funny.

Way to go taking your own stitches're such a dude.

I saw a guy in Chipotle today that kinda looked like you...

GabrielAllen said...

Not to mention, we had a quick worship sesh in the car...and I dominated those last pancakes.

Courtney said...

Dear Luke....
I really really like you. Yesterday while hanging with your sister at your parents house...we filled the house with incredibly loud laughter...the only kind that Ange and I know and that damn bird we rescued mocked us...Katilyn and Mer were there too...all that to say, I miss you and I think you're great...and you have an incredible family!

You should have been there...we made fun of you! ....just kidding....or you'll never really know!