fridays a good day for thinking

i'm at work texting for my friend john on his phone because he's driving and can't multi task because driving and texting is "dangerous" and "a danger to the company" or whatever my boss says, so i was doin the work. i was trying to text some random word, i can't remember and this word pooped out of t9


i did not recognize this word, so i started coming up with possible definitions in my head

-the process of cheek expansion when a squirrel has many acorns in its mouth

-that section of moisture that nerdy kid always had between his nose and upper lip
-that type of candle that doesn't really smell that great, so it's always left on the shelf, so they always just end up having them for years
-a type of glue derived from whale fat
-commonly accidently said when attempting to say "christmas"

if i owned fish, i would always struggle with determining when is "to big" to flush it down the toilet when its dead

i hate koi fish because they always seem so peaceful and hang out by you when you cruise by to say hey, but the second your hand is about to pet them, they take off and freak out

i think i have a secret developing battle with all crows everywhere. they are just so cocky, the way they just stand there on the street and take off at the last second, or not even move at all because they are on the curb and know you wont hit the curb to hit a crow, even if you have an xterra

and yes, i am listening to the best of the beastie boys

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Alli Hibb said...

I think Crasmux is what you would call a teenage boy Chipmunk...since he would, obviously, make a bunch of jokes about poop and like a Tom Chipmunk.