trip down memory lane

so i was reading old posts today, its weird that i still make myself laugh, and that it usually is the second try when i spell "weird" right

the cop in this crime show is named brown. he's black

i'm going to try to not get sick this week even though it feels like i walk into a sick ward every time i come home. i can fight this with my pal vitamin c and determination

i dont know if i ever publicly wrote this in the blog world, but i moved out of my mom's house last july and i've been living with a bunch of dudes in a town home in ladera. my daily diet has usually been chili, chips and soda. i eat fast food every day and just kinda hang out alot. life has pretty standard bachelor lifestyle. but times they are a changing

i'll explain later

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Chris Poblete said...

oooooh, mysterious... i wonder what it could possibly be!!!