so a good friend of mine decided to let me borrow her old computer for a bit while she is in africa hanging out. besides the fact that i'm super thankful, the other fact is that i can blog way more frequently. awesome

first thing i did with this computer was go to the refinery and use the free wi fi. i sat down and a huge group of visitors came up behind me as i was turning on the computer. i quickly realized that they would all see any image that was the background as the computer loaded up, and i had no idea what it was. quick prayers were definately answered. no awkward background pics

i then opened itunes to find crystal lewis albums in bulk. thank you allison. the first song i listened to was definately "come just as you are".

personal pet peeve - not having that "2 finger scroll" thing activated on laptops. it kills me. allison, i'm sorry, but i'm turning it back on

and 5 minutes later, i still can't figure out how to turn it back on. you win for now powerbook

still blasting crystal lewis in my headphones

i want to already be awesome with a butterfly knife. also every sega game ever, and backflips

if you didn't know already, costco kicked me out of the club. sucks. it felt weird, i've never been kicked out of a club. i wonder how it feels to get kicked out of other clubs like a chess club or a bowling club or the AAA club or AA club.

every so often i'll call someone and by the time they pick up, i'll have forgotten the purpose for the call. at this point i generally look around real quick and just ask the first question that comes to mind from my surroundings. ex. "oh hi mom, uhhhh...can you pick up some toilet paper on your way home? oh ok great"

just realized i've been listening to christmas music for the past 3 songs. turning it off, and going outside. it's to nice of a day out to spend it inside on a computer listening to crystal lewis telling me she'll be home for christmas


Alli Hibb said...

I'm not even sure I remember what the background picture is...but I'm glad you got it...

Also, I'm not sure that computer has the two-finger scroll...but I hated it at first and now love it...

Oh, and Crystal are so very welcome.

Josh(ua) Treece said...

If it's the computer of hers I'm thinking of, it predated the two finger scroll.