possibly the most under rated movie ever


seriously. funniest movie in a long time

if you havent watched in a while, you should go rent and enjoy

"are you reading the dictionary?"

"let me introduce you to my team: blade, laser, blazer, me'shell, and fran stalinoshanaskalivish"

"make your jokes, you little jokey, joker-joke maker"

"lets bounce. cobras!"

"if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball"

"necessary? is it necessary to drink my own urine? no, buts its sterile, and i like the taste"

"if you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball"

"come on kate, time to put your mouth where our balls are"

"well its called the freedom of information act. i guess those hippies got something right! just kidding. but seriously"

"nobody makes me bleed my own blood"

"reminder, dyslexic players will not be allowed on the court"

"oh thats me taking the bull by the horns. its a metaphor. but it really happened"

"'L' is for love!"

i can quote this movie for days
go watch it and enjoy, cuz i am. enjoying. i'm enjoying the movie. right now, i'm enjoying the movie by watching it

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