just focus and you'll make it through

taxidermy just sounds boring

my 30g ipod's screen broke. it has instantly become a glorified shuffle.
SHUFFLE -awkward to use, cant quite commit to investing in a real ipod, have to defend to all your friends on the possible benefits of keeping it around

i'm pretty sure my gecko eats the crickets out of anger more then hunger

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i want to put my fist through a wall because i can think of so many cool stories of how it happened. ie - "a jackrabbit stole my last ringpop out of my halloween bag, so i punched a wall"
"jet li slept on my bed so i woke him up by spilling salsa over his legs, so he punched the wall"
"golum tried stealing the ringpop from jet li on mount doom with hobbitses, so i punched the wall"

my shoes are cool, i mean i like em, but who doesnt want new shoes

i sprayed vanilla car scent in my room, and it smelled like cat urine. car scents are not to be used in bedrooms

cops cant smell fear. its a lie. but they can smell weed and thats all that really matters

listen to the following bands:
sun from shadow
summer wilshire
courage call
sleepless me

clap twice if you can read


Bri said...


I totally feel you with the shoe thing, no one can have too many pairs of new shoes, you don't even need to wear them. Just having them is a comforting thought.

Whats with the Becker picture?!?!?

Angerson said...

[clap clap]