this had to wait, but its here

heres the key so you can understand the following story=
trim - the piece of a can light that you can see, that makes it look nice
ugo face - means the lady gave one of those obviously disgusted "are you serious?" faces
sigh - outword expression of frustration given by me
yelling - not actual outward yelling, just me screaming at the top of my mind-voice
laugh? - that loud awkward laugh that you can never really understand whats the reason for it, done by lady

so we're all at this job (i'm at work, and "we" is everyone i work with and job is something you do for money) and basically the lady there is being ridiculous. changing her mind all the time and not making sense. here are a few excerpts from the day

i'm on a ladder about to cut a hole for one canlight that we talked with the lady for 45 minutes about where it should be. this is the second one a little down the hall from a dresser that we put another can light over. she went with our suggestion finally
"so do you think this is enough light for my dresser?"
"well, yes maam. you have a can light directly over the dresser. it doesnt get much better then that"
ugo face
"well is that light your putting up going to help get more light over here?"
"well, a little bit, its a little to far to do to much though. but it's not really an issue because you still have the light directly over the dresser"
"well why do i want a light there anyway? its practically in the hall"
" said you wanted one here"
"ok, if you think this is enough light then i trust you. your the professionals"
"ok great, i'll get this going then"
---2 minutes later, right after i cut the hole---
"you know what, i change my mind. i want it closer to the dresser, i dont think there will be enough light"

next one
i'm on a ladder again, i know i hang out on ladders to much, just finished putting a trim in on the final can. we're cleaning up, and this is the last thing pretty much. i'm just wiping the fingerprints off of it. she walks in
"oh are you done?"
"yes actually, this is what it will look like"
ugo face
"really? your-your done? thats what it's going to look like?"
"...yea. this is the trim we showed you"
+flashback in my head to the hour spent trying to figure out what she wanted, and how happy she was about this one specific trim+
"but your done? like, theres nothing else your putting over that?"
" this is it"
ugo face
"well i dont like that at all!"
"but this is what you said you wanted"
"i dont like the look of that at all! are you sure?"
"yes. i'm sure. we're all sure. positive actually"
ugo face
"well i dont know about that"

it was a fun day

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Alli Hibb said...

Oh I hate that stupid "maybe if I laugh then it will relieve some of the awkwardness of my actually being super angry with you" laugh...

hate. it.