hospital trip #2

here's a text message conversation from today. you can probably tell which one is me

+hahahahaha oh man i have a story for you
-haha uh oh
+yea uh oh. you bet your booty uh oh
-haha crap
+lets just say this - blood everywhere
-Luke?! What did you do
+attics can be very dangerous
-Luke you stop bleeding this instant
+ hahahahaha i'm sorry i cant. i'm hoping the doctor will help with that. Btw- driving yourself to the ER is so wierd
-Luke! You should not be driving!
+ to late i'm here. ok i've got to go
-ok ok. Be ok! Be ok!

today, for the first time ever, i read a first aid guide and followed action steps

i'm still amazed by how much i laugh when i'm in an contact with anything medical in any way

as i was getting the stitches, i was giving the doctor advice on his various electrical issues

my knee is like a little football

i'll post pictures when i take this bandage off later tomorrow


Alli Hibb said...

Were you texting Nikki? She's the only person I know who uses people's names in text conversations...

I can't wait to see photos!

KAT said...

My texting converstation with Luke:
L: hey are you working?
K: yeah, why? ( I'm working radiology at the time he is in the ER)
L: uh never mind, I'll tell you later.
K: okkkk.....

telling is your siblings is ok, just to let you know