just me and the ritz

i'm not overdramatic, doing sound for horrible bands really actually makes me want to shoot a harpoon into my mouth

loud keyboard amps are my new worst enemy. i will make a group solely bent to the end of them. we will have meetings, and patches on jackets

no matter what, if i'm on the phone with someone having a serious conversation and i hear them order food at a drive through, it's over

sometimes i want to buy those fake eyes that people need when they lose an eye, and leave them places. eg; attics, fast food restaurants, urinals, on top of blind dogs, outside of braille colleges, inside people's jacket pockets, cereal boxes, kids strollers

someone just proposed on stage at a local band night at the vault. she said yes, we all witnessed it. every couple in the room kissed each other. i kissed shelby

when i'm at work and i've got a bunch of stuff in my hands (usually a ladder) and i have to go through a door, i look around and see if anyone is close. but i don't ask for help, i just kind of stumble and look just completely pathetic. every time, someone comes running and opens that door. sure, i put my pride on the line, but whatever i'm not opening that door with all this trash in my hands

i realized about 2 weeks ago that everyday at work, i will somehow get a cut and bleed just a bit. sometimes alot, sometimes not that much. so i bleed just a little bit every day. i also have headaches. does this qualify me for midol


Alli Hibb said...

The fake eye thing would be really funny...

And, I think you could take Midol...but I think it would cause you to actually menstruate...good luck with that!

KAT said...

FOR A GUY.....yes