i'll probably regret this in the morning

its shocking how often i'll be in cvs and hear the theme song from beauty and the beast

i met my sisters new boyfriend last night. i meant to ask him a bunch of real tough questions, but i settled for these few. mercedes thinks i was being a jerk, but it was totally worth it

1. you have a job? you went to college? where? how long?
2. where do you live? why do you live with your sister?
3. what are your thoughts on moving in with your girlfriend before marriage?
4. what are your intentions with my sister?
5. are you 2 actually dating, or is this just hanging out?
6. do you go to church? why not?
7. what are your thoughts about sex before marriage?

i didn't make him answer that last one, i started just laughing way to hard

whatever i'm a brother. i'm allowed to ask these questions


Alli Hibb said...

Hilarious. I love Beauty and the Beast...Oh, Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson...

KAT said...

damn straight you are!