about to sleep

walked around london today. realized something; its not cold enough to wear 2 jackets, but it is cold enough to regret not wearing 2 jackets

went to an art museum. my favorite part was walking up to a couch almost full of people and asking if that seat is taken. then just passing out for half an hour. woke up to sam santi and jesse being jealous. yea, i come up with the good ideas

"ew luke, dont wear a turtle neck, its not even that cold out"
fine i wont
*brain says* - what are you thinking, its going to be freezing. put that thing on now
no its fine, it wont be that cold
*legs say* - yea no big deal
*chest says* - we dont need a turtle neck. this deep v will do just fine
yea brain, geez

----6 hours later------

*chest says* - luke your an idiot
why is it so cold, blimey
*brain says* - yea! huh, well look what you did. turtle neck looks kind of cool now huh? idiot
*legs say* - man im so tired and cold and tired. go to that couch and rest, those people wont care
this v neck is really not warm at all
*brain says* - told you so told you so
*legs say* - what are you even doing in an art museum
art is stupid
*brain says* - your stupid
*shelby says* - your all stupid. wear more turtle necks


Alli Hibb said...

I like that Shelby always has the last word...

Kenzie said...

haha come on. YOU'RE in England now. . you have to learn the correct usage! ;)

KAT said...

I'm sending you a box full of black turtle necks!