alright here we really go

this how my day really was

freakin get on the tube to find my old friend josh's church. all i knew was the address. 1a kennington road. and it was a coffee shop at a church. no big deal right?

first of all, there are 4-5 different types of kennington road. ex - kennington, kennington road, kennington drive, kennington avenue, kennington circle. plus the fact that there is a kensington road very close to kennington road. so thanks london

me and sam walking around. but i have my turtle neck so i'm fine. but i look up
its going to rain

so we're trying to find this place, and we are literally taking the tube, looking at maps, and walking around for about an hour before it just starts pouring rain. so we're lost, and now its even hailing. we are laughing, because it's funny, but what the heck london.

then a cop drives by and hits a puddle and drenches us in puddle water, as it's hailing. thanks london

more on this day tomorrow. my room mates are pissed that i'm still up typing and it's 3 am here

later pollos


Alli Hibb said...

Get a cell phone...

KAT said...

Cold weather + rain + hail= Europe