taste the semi-authenticity

i'm in london. weird

everyone smells fine getting on a 10 hour plane ride. about 6 hours into it, the odor gets a little out of hand. 9 hours into it, your sitting on the floor in the lavatory listening to your ipod shuffle until the stewardess asks for a second time if your ok

even in london, kids still watching pimp my ride. even in london, pimped cars look stupid

freakin drivers here are out of control. small roads, cars parked on both sides, i still haven't seen a speed limit sign. ballzy red coats

listening to your shuffle while sleeping is cool and all, till it lands on limp bizkit. then you jolt awake and freak out that nerdy british dude reading star wars across the aisle from you

my elbows aren't meant for the aisle seat, because the beverage cart isn't meant to avoid my elbows when i'm attempting to get some freakin sleep

no i don't like the movie "ps i love you". but it was either that or "i am legend" in french with chinese subtitles. thanks airfrance for the terrific movie selection

pringles have that amazing power to make you feel at home no matter where you go


David Hughes said...


why do your blogs always make me want to say...

"i hate you, luke"


very funny.

stupid redcoats...

p.s. did you like my gift message on facebook ;)

GabrielAllen said...

only one thing...p.s. i love you ruled.

Carson Leith said...

"french in chinese subtitles" got me.

Alli Hibb said...

sitting on the bathroom floor of an airplane makes me gag a little.

ballzy red coats is funny...as is limp bizkit...

p.s. i love you is not.