mustache week has begun

josh treece and i have decided to dedicate this entire week to the mustache. this was not originally going to be a huge deal, we just wanted to have mustache's for a week. but as more and more men caught on to what was going to happen, some have decided to jump in and rock a mustache for a week.

there have been many posts already about this week and it only started sunday. it lasts till saturday, and on saturday i will be shaving the mustache off. hang with me and witness the new facial feature that i have spent the past month building. here are the links to the other blogs already written about this week.

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dave's testimony

cnn interview

i dont think i even know this guy

thor life?

i feel like there are more, but i don't have time to look at every single one. let me know if you see any

let the games begin. i'll be updating quite frequently this week on the various things i've been doing with my new stache

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Jay K said...

Really, really funny