september 6th/7th never forget

on september 6th, i ate a fudgescicle in the shower

when eating a fudgescicle in the shower, you for some reason can't stop dancing. but it's not real dancing, it's like when a toddler dances. you just kinda move your hips and your legs don't do much and your arms do whatever they want

when i got out of the shower, i dried myself off with a "finding nemo" towel. i did this because - at the end of a race, you usually have friends or family giving you high fives and hugs. but in the bathroom thats totally awkward, so i have fictional disney characters to give me props when i ate the fudgescicle in the shower

on the day that i ate a fudsgescicle in the shower, for the first time in my life i felt it necessary to have a mustache comb

every time i see a girl reading, i now assume it's that twilight series. so far i've been 100% right

what spin do i have to put on the ball so i don't suck at ping pong

playing ping pong on top of a very steep hill seems like the worst idea ever

i want a bug zapper. but i also want a bug attracter so i have more bugs to zap

on the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower, i decided to make trombone players my #1 enemy #1

drummer playing at the wedding i mixed on the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower - was african american and was eating fried chicken (that he brought from home) during the wedding

the cd's in my 6 disc cd changer in my car the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower
1. random worship cd (couple crowder, some hillsong, some phil wickham, some summer wilshire....)
2. the lakes (good band, used to be watshi wa, played the last show at the vault RIP)
3. recording of worship from crave this week (not that good of a recording, future trash item)
4. mixed cd sam gave me (it's a very odd collection of songs, but totally good to rock out to)
5. the gallows (if your angry, if your driving fast or if your off roading, but this on)
6. ryan adams - heartbreaker (98% of the time, i'm listening to this. so 98% of the time, i couldn't care less that i have a 6 cd disc changer)

on the day that i ate a fudgescicle in the shower, i didn't sleep and ended up working super late, watching lost season one, and having to leave early in the morning to play at a church. so that morning i drank a red bull sugar free in the shower

on the day i drank a red bull sugar free in the shower, i went to el pollo loco and got a burrito. i think the girl behind the counter liked me because the burrito i got was bigger then chipotle sized burritos. it was unreal. i also got an arnold palmer which was fantastic

on the day i drank a red bull sugar free in the shower, i dressed up nice because i made a promise with a friend that we would dress up nice. but apparently that only applied to me. over dressing for church is always a weird experience

list of things i've accomplished in the shower
1. drank a cactus cooler
2. ate a bowl of watermelon
3. ate a fudgescicle
4. drank a red bull sugar free


carson leith said...

dude. funny blog. great writing.

i love you

GabrielAllen said...

Listen here dick...It's on. Fancy week will commence.

Alli Hibb said...

I just read this list of "things I've accomplished in the shower" out loud...Chris said it's the worst list ever because we all know what you're skipping in the list...

Kenzie said...

Luke. . .
I have told you before: It needs to be BRYAN Adams to be amazing music; not Ryan!! :)

Travis said...

Dude, I'm all about instructional videos...let's do it.

Chase said...

you are so American, it's uncanny.