and all the horses and all the kings men, couldnt get me an extra namm badge

yesterday my mom texted me at work while i was working at my job at work, and asked me if i wanted to go see this little guy named john mayer.

let me explain some things.

1! - every year there is a convention at the anaheim convention center called "namm"

2! - my parents go every single year, and this year was no exception

3! - you cant just buy a badge, its kind of hard to get in

4! - they have private concerts every year for nammies that only allow nammies

5! - i have a badge every year

6! - its happening this week, thursday through sunday

with that understood, my mom was actually inviting me to a private concert that he was having for all nammies. so yea, i said yea to my mom on the phone i told her i would go

some more fun facts

1! - didn't have my badge yet, have to pick it up from will call, i'm still at work and its 445, will call closes at six, i still have to go home and change. ah! so i run home, or drive actually, and change and set my course for the namm show

2! - traffic blows. friday afternoon, 5 o'clock going north? i'm not some traffic predicting genius, how was i supposed to know. turns out most of the traffic was some teenage girl sitting in her not-running car in the middle lane without her hazards on. you should have seen that glare i gave her, oh man she was put in her place

3! - i still don't have insurance. thats goal number 2 for today. so i'm stop and go traffic, and some looser runs into me. i look in my mirror and he's just covering up his mouth shaking his head. it hit my car pretty bad, but i just didn't want to deal with this right now.

and apparently neither did he. he took off in the next lane making a run for it. now there is no way that someone is going to get away like that in my book, and i have an all terrain vehicle, so i set my sights and chased that little tard with all my driving skills. he was no match and i got him to pull over in minutes.

but it didn't take minutes, it took like, 30 minutes just to get over because of traffic. finally we're in a parking lot and i get out and this was my conversation with him

"hey whats the deal man"
"i'm so sorry! oh my gosh, i am so sorry! i just put on my brakes and slid into you!" (does slide motion with arm)
"ok, well lets see what you did" (i look at my tailhitch and look at his front bumper. nothing on my car, a bit scraped up on his)
"oh my car is a piece of s***, dont worry about my car. are we cool? are we cool?"
"well there's no damage on my car, you don't care about your car, and i need to leave. you drive like an idiot, your so damn lucky that it was me you ran into because anyone else would be ruining you right now. get out of here and stop being retarded when you drive"
"thank you so much man oh my gosh thank you"
"yea whatever just stop running into people"

and i left

4! - oh look at that its freakin 615 and i'm stuck in traffic and i'm not even close to namm


to be continued.....

later today.....

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