sorry banana, i tried

i dont like em. i dont hate them either

pros and cons of bananas

pro - easily the most fun you could have with a fruit
con - feels disgusting when your eating them
pro - bananas are funny
con - babies love bananas and love grossing everyone out by making a mess of it
pro - comes standard with sport grip
con - is it fuzzy? what is up with the texture of the edible part?
pro - essential ingredient in smoothies
con - essential ingredient in making me vomit
pro - throwing a banana at someone is always hilarious
con - the banana bits that were left over from our banana fight wont come off the kitchen cabinets

i feel like bananas are like the show happy days. i like the idea of it, but in all reality i really cant stand it. yea it was kind of funny, but honestly the show was totally lame, the only good points were;
a. the theme song
b. fonzie
c. weezers music video for buddy holly

no way someone would just ride around town jumping crap with their harley

maybe i'm being to harsh and i need to focus on the health aspects of a banana. if your thinking that, then i refer you to my article about a typical breakfast for me

jerk fonz always talking in third person, still in the top 3 best things about happy days

alright people, heres the deal
whats your least favorite fruit, and whats your least favorite nick-at-night show


Alli Hibb said...

I hate oranges

and I hate The Andy Griffith Show

Ange said...

I hate dried fruit. Does that count?

And I hate the Beverly Hilbillies and the Mary Tyler Moore show

adamsabolick said...

fruit i hate; probably raisins, if those count as fruit. there freakin gross regardless. so if those don't count, runner up would be pares, they suck, theres no taste, and they're really hard.

i hate nick at night period. except for the show Home Improvement. everything else can suck it.