i could build a bunk bed if i wanted to, tom!

so to recap my friday of fun.....

+i'm on my way to see a private john mayer concert, my parents are saving me a seat, i'm late, i need a namm badge to get in but i dont have one and its to late to remedy that, and i'm still stuck in traffic. and i havent even had any doritos today+

so now that your caught up, lets finish this trash

i finally get off the freeway by exiting harbor (which is the correct exit, this is a rare thing for me), and start heading towards the show. but oh hey, look at that, more freakin traffic. worse than the freeway. super craptastic.

example: i'm at a stop light, two cars are in front of me. they decide to turn left instead and dont make it, and with that ignorant action have simultaneously stopped all cars in that lane, specifically me, and i cant get around them, and cars are going by to fast for me to dart around. i got an opening right as the light turned yellow, and man did i give them one heck of a "yousuckyousuckyousuck" glare

my mom texted me = hey luke, just come to the show and we'll just see if you can get in without a badge

good news. i go to my perfect unusually close free parking spot and head over to the show. my mom tells me to meet her in the lobby (mayer is singing his little heart out in a small ballroom at a hotel. he does that i guess)

i get to the lobby, filled with people. tons of people. cant stand in one place without getting pushed around. ridiculous. i say to myself, out loud, "you should probably just call her luke, seriously good luck finding her. then you should find a bathroom....soon"

oh even better, no cell reception. at this point, i'm almost convinced that God doesn't want me to see a john mayer concert tonight. so i start seeing if there's anything else i could do since i'm there. i look around and see 2 trombone players soloing with a jazz band, and it sounded like two manatees trying to pass a kidney stone. on the verge of throwing the closest thing in reach, my little mom pokes her head around the corner

so here we go, up the escalator. a gruesome sight. literally maybe 2 hundred people in line to see our mayer buddy. my mom, with the utmost confidence, walks right past everyone. i hear some random comments

*what the heck?*
*what are they doing?*
*hey you have to wait in line!*
*i like that guys jacket, its so nice*

after adjusting my coat a little bit, we get to the front and my mom pretty much pulled some magic "mom strings" and got me in. she escorted me to my seat, and in a room of about 250 people, phil keaggy along with several other artists opened for my man john

then he came up, sat down, and sang to me, my parents, and a few other people in the room

it was fantastic


Alli Hibb said...

I would help you build the bunk bed, just to help you show up Tom.

Ange said...

haha...I can totally see mom doing that! and im pretty jealous I didnt go with you guys.

David Hughes said...

i am so familiar with your namm show parking spot it is ridiculous ;)

haha...that being said...nice story...nice blog title...and let me say that i am a firm supporter of bunk beds in the form of a space saving device. think how crappy egypt would have been if they took all the stones for the pyramids and just laid them out across the land. no one is fitting an amp in cairo. no room for gecko cages, guitars on stands (g.o.s.). shoes on the floor? maybe. don't push it pharoh.