heading to veegas

i woke up on the couch today. forgot i slept here. got woken up by the bird talking and laughing. then realized that my mom was also talking. then double realized that, no it was in fact still the bird. then triple realized that my sister ange was talking. then 4th realized that my sister is not in town right now. that bird is good

i'm heading to vegas. we're leaving for the airport in 2 hours. i still have to-
1. shower
2. get dressed
3. pack
4. go pick up a check
5. go cash that check so i have money in vegas
6. go pick up a pair of jeans from H&M
7. find a pair of kakis to wear in vegas
8. print out all my travel information
9. realize that it's raining outside
10. booyah

ok, i better get going, my brain is starting to fight me

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