lavo lounge booyah

staff party on the top lounge of the lavo lounge. open bar, buffet and a dude in the bathroom that hands you towels after you wash your hands. so much fun

becker is on at least 3 different stations at all times on vegas tv. vegas folk love becker. and becker loves vegas folk

i spent an hour in the shower watching sumo wrestling. only in vegas

i haven't seen the sun in 2 days. only in vegas

i have stepped on everything in my hotel room. not even kidding, i walked in and jumped on the beds, stepped on all the tables, jumped on the couch, stood on all the chairs and ran across the coffee table. i then turned on the water in both sinks, the bathtub, and the shower all at once, then flushed the toilet over and over. then i turned the air conditioning on full blast at 50 degrees. i then mooned the city from my 29th floor hotel room. only in vegas

i have to be up early for work, i better to get to bed. uuuuggghghhghgrhrghhh

*this last part is for david hughes*
"hey son, i've got some bad news. your mom and i are getting a divo-"

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