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you don't realize how important your tailbone is until you sit down weird and your belt bruises it, and your limping for multiple days and lose at a game of tip-it with travis and dave

there's 3 levels of boredom for me
level 1 - the "i'm choosing to be bored right now so i'm ok" stage.
~this usually involves turning on the tv, and snacking on just about anything that i can get my idle devil hands on

level 2 - the "being content with watching anything on tv, absolutely no requirements for the program" stage
~i'm generally drifting in and out of a nap for the entirety of this stage
~i'm way to lazy to turn on lights as the sun starts to set, so it gets pretty pathetic looking after a while
~my body has grown weak to accept usually easy tasks, such as talking on the phone, or removing the other sock that i forgot to take off when i sat on the couch

level 3 - the super gittery "i'm freaking out and need to get out of here now" stage
~at this point i'm beyond watching just tv, i need to multi-task. laundry is started, i'm texting over 5 people at once, playing some kind of instrument, and planning my finances for the coming weeks
~disneyland passes get purchased in this stage

i'm watching star trek right now. i never watch this show. obama is certainly changing things

i tried watching the inauguration speech on my DVR a few minutes ago. it chose to record 8 hours of gems tv instead. stupid technology


Chase said...

your bit about Obama changing the way we watch Star Trek made me want to slap something.

But I didn't.

Alli Hibb said...

The Obama comment made me laugh really, really hard. Well done.