hey, i call my mom, she picks up about as often as i do

so i have multiple stories. this will be a somewhat long blog, i'm sorry i guess. but i don't think i should really apologize. manners don't make sense sometimes

i'm working for this company called atema partners right now, and what we're doing is alot of hanging out, but partially doing av stuff for a huge conference at the venetian hotel in vegas. i can't give you the name of the company that's holding the conference, so lets call them "that doctor company"

lets cut to the chase. lets fox news this. every year they have a private concert for their company, and they don't cheap out on the bands. 3 years ago - counting crows. 2 years ago - faith hill. last year - matchbox 20 (i know, 1 year to late)

so this year they had 2, and they invited our company to come to it. they keep the band secret just for the fun of it. so we spread rumors about what band it was. so much fun

thursday night they had the show

first act. a comedian. not stoked. its that frank guy from frank tv. i didn't really care that much for him so i left and did some work.

second act
maroon 5
no joke, freakin full band maroon 5 playing this private event

i don't realize how much i like certain big bands until i suddenly am watching them for free at a private event

after the show, i hang with our company dudes, then get to bed around 2am. i get in bed, turn on the tv and see judge dredd on so i put that on. i'm going to switch styles of telling this next story so i can explain it correctly

fire alarm. it's loud. and annoying
geez that's loud, should i get up. nawwwww
alarm continues
yea i should get up. i'll call tom, see if it's going off on his floor to
pick up phone, look around and realize
he wont be able to hear me in here, i should go out in the hall
step out in the hall
door slams behind me
i look around and it just slowly dawns on me that i'm only in my boxers, and all i have is my phone, and the door is locked
well that was dumb
second time i look around is to see if anyone was in the hall, i look at my phone to see what time it is. lots of looking
ok, i'll call tom and maybe he has an extra key to my room
i know he doesn't but my mind is still resting on my pillow
beep hey tom beeeeep
is the beeeeep fire alarm going off in your beeeeeep in your room? beeeeep
no. it's not. why are you calling me
beeeeeeppppp i'm locked outside my room beeeeeepppp in my boxers
shoot. well i need to find a phone and call the front desk
fire alarm continues
lady comes up to me
hi! whats going on?
i'm locked out of my room
i look at her and see her empty hands and no open door in sight
did you bring your room key
shocked look on lady's face
5 minutes later we're sitting on the floor waiting for the operator to not be busy and talk to us
2 minutes later, me and lin (her name was lin, and she had 5 cocktails and was not sober) are standing in front of our own doors waiting for security
vegas sucks
security walks up, opens up my door
sir, i need to see your id to make sure this is your room
oh yea bro, for sure bro, let me get it bro, hold on
confused by my own choice in method of conversation
security walks in to wait
door slams
knock on the door
we exchange looks of confusion
security opens the door
old lady standing there
whats going on?
oh, don't worry maam, its - -
hey, why are you in his room?
she points to security, and to me as she says this
realization that i'm still in my boxers
security reads the awkwardness. not quickly, but the turtle still finished the race
oh maam, uhhhh, its, uhhh, i'm just letting him in his room, nothing's happening
old lady thinks i'm an arson
vegas sucks
security leaves
i decide to finish judge dredd. why not, i'm awake anyway
sylvester says "guilty" as he shoots a guy
this movie rules

i read somewhere that if your hotel room is super dry, then you should hang a wet towel in front of the air vent. i couldn't hang anything in front of the opening, so i just soaked some towels and hucked them over some chairs. it didn't do anything. stupid book full of lies

there's a little "g" on my phone when i use the internet on it. when i lose connection while i'm still on the internet, it'll put a slash through the "g". whenever this happens, i realized that i always say in my head - shoot, i lost my g


Chase said...

dude. i freakin miss you.

AMIT said...

Good shared in detail.

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