catalina shmatalina

pizza's in the oven cooking. but i've got to wait. i'm waiting for something thats already here

i got a haircut yesterday that i really dont like. its ok, not horrible, but not at all what i wanted. its like i went to get a crazy pirate ship tattoo, and the dude drew a monkey. i can live with it, but come on

if html was on a license plate, i would think
1. hotmail
2. hot male
3. hate mail
4. hate males

fires are pretty sweet to look at, but thats the end of the line for enjoying fires. if they effect your life in any way, they suck

i'm an electricians assistant now during the week. its pretty cool. my mom is glad that i got the job, but wont let me get a motorcycle. says its to dangerous because of other people on the road. which it is. but around 600 people die a year from electrocution accidents on the job, with 3,600 disabling injuries and 4000 normal injuries. 2,284 people died in 98 from motorcycle accidents, half of them were drunk, another portion was speeding, and half of the deaths were simply because someone wasnt wearing a helmet

i dont know how to not get electrocuted, but i do know how to -
1. not be drunk
2. wear a helmet
3. not speed

now all i need to do is win an argument with my mom

i met someone from the band bad religion. i wasnt stoked about this really, kind of like "this guy is famous i guess". but i was way more stoked to just talk about lost with him for an hour. that just made me stoked about lost, not bad religion

i also met the tour manager for korn. he was swedish i think. small mouth, and couldnt understand anything he said. cool tattoos though. i can understand that

oh yea, and korn was practicing in the next room. they had an emergency delivery of energy drinks. dudes came running in and everything. i could imagine the order
"korn is low on energy, and are kinda thirsty. what do you have to offer"
and the dude recieving the call had the perfect solution
and was so stoked about it


Brent said...

Where the heck were you? And where do these streams of consciousness flow from? And why am I covering your butt tomorrow?

Alli Hibb said...

I would think "hottie to my left"

David Hughes said...

haha...i forgot about the emergency energy deliver featuring not one but two vans...

also...freaking how small WAS that guy's mouth was unbelievable hahaha

david thomas said...

i was gonna tell you that i really appreciated your stream of consciousness style of writing... but brent already mentioned it.

and everyone knows its a sin in blogworld to comment on the same topic more then once

[especially when they both contain the same 13 letter word]

... i think its worth the sin. i really appreciate your stream of consciousness writing style.

[suck it blogworld.]

Angerson said...

I'm glad to learn that Bad Religion watches Lost. I would have loved to be part of that conversation.